An original research study by UsabilityChefs

Usability and User Experience in E-commerce stores



Fashion ecommerce are the websites with the highest score and highest average

Only 2 of the 40 stores use some strategies to recover abandoned carts.

More then 60% of the analyzed stores are not optimized for mobile navigation

In terms of easy-to-read content on screen, only 3% of the websites allow guest checkout, similar to UK e-commerce stores (37%) and far below US (92%) (according to similar studies carried out by Consultancy).

Top 5 e-commerce websites

About chile

Chile is one the fastest growing markets in LATAM, with and average online spending of $662 per e-shopper, below the LATAM average of $629.

With the highest internet penetration rate (66,5%) and 72% of active Internet users on social media, this is definetely a market to be on.