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Usability and User Experience Research: How Much Do Words Matter?

When you plan for user research, usability evaluation or user experience (UX) testing, using the right words to ask questions and define tasks is definitively something you should work on carefully. Many opportunities for research arise when you are about to launch a new product or feature of an app or a website. Testing usability and user experience enables you to gather feedback from users about the interface and interaction but also to better understand how people express themselves and the words they use to refer to “things”, situations, experiences. Common situations in User Research when words do matter   Asking questions in interviews In an open interview: ask questions that allow people to elaborate an idea, not to give you an exact answer, this is not a survey. Let´s say we are interviewing an e-commerce team about usability and UX research adoption in the company. We want to... read more

How to Convince Your Boss to Invest in Usability and User Experience

If you are trying to convince your boss (and your boss’s boss) to start testing, investing in a new metric tool or to redesign an interface, you are not alone. Does it sound like a daily routine question for you or a nightmare? Whatever it might be, you need to adopt some strategies to influence people in your organization to embrace usability and user experience (UX) in order to invest. It´s not only about pitching the benefits of user centered design and research and it´s not just about support and money. It’s about finding the way to get partners in the organization on board about investing in usability and UX. So here are some tips which will set you off to a good start. Start conversation from well-known KPIs: satisfaction, revenue, transactions Make people understand “why”, before even talking about “how”. Think in terms of overall results, the scope.... read more